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Drinking Chocolate Shavings


Our drinking chocolate shaving mix is a blend of two different bittersweet chocolates, a split vanilla bean and a dash of sea salt.  Blend it with with hot whole milk and a little water for a perfectly balanced hot chocolate.  Smooth, rich and very chocolatey -- just like God and the Parisians intended.

*Weight 8oz. (8 small servings)

*PLEASE NOTE! The paper on the outside of the tin has changed.  New picture to appear soon.

*Directions: Pre-warm serving glass with hot water.  Heat about 2.5oz. (scant 1/3 cup) milk and 0.5oz. (1 TBSP) water to heavy simmer.  Remove from heat and add 1oz. (2 TBSP) drinking chocolate mix.  Mix thouroughly with rubber stapula to remove chocolate from bottom of cotainer.  Finish mixing with hand-held mixer, milk frother or immersion blender.  Pour water out of pre-warmed glass.  Fill with hot chocolate and serve.

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Does not contain any nuts, animal products or gluten, though trace amounts may be present.

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